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Ethna's Story



2Encouraged to volunteer following her daughter’s time volunteering after graduating, Ethna, 59, volunteered with KCH with her friend Rosie in 2011.

“We spent time with the children in Mashimoni teaching songs and listening to the CDs we had brought and helping in the nursery whenever we could.”

Ethna and Rosie also helped host an outreach camp. These camps were hosted by KCH

“What works really well with the KCH project is the way that the children mixing with other children from middle income families can help in the process of encouraging them to achieve.”

This principal of giving the children the encouragement and environment they need to develop is critical to the success of KCH.

“For me, KCH embodies the process of giving children a chance to improve their role in life, teaching them that life isn’t easy and to grasp every opportunity.”

“Being able to meet Peter Kamau, my sponsored boy, and also getting an audiologist to see Gabriel, a deaf boy from the slum of Kibera were really important parts of my trip for me.”

Asking Ethna about the value of her time volunteering she emphasised the lasting effect of giving her the sense of achieving what she wanted to do. “I benefitted hugely from the value of sticking to 5 weeks in such a contrasting lifestyle to my own.”

“It is hard to sum up my experience but, above all else, it made me grateful for my own family and home. It was honestly life changing - Christmas was low key on return.”

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