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Carly's Story


I was only in Nairobi for 6 weeks but it is amazing how one single experience can change your outlook on life. I came home realising what really matters and that is the love from your family and friends and taking the motto “Hakuna Matata” on board.

Kenya Children’s Home (KCH) is run by incredible human beings who care deeply about every child that is there and really strive to make a difference.

There are too many joyous memories of my time at KCH to list, yet the ones that really stand out for me are –

  • The intense work done in the kitchen - but this was one of my favourite times. The kitchen staff has the most incredible work ethic and rely on team work to get through their hectic schedules. They are a tight knit family and by the end of my six weeks I really felt part of their team.
  • Working in the crèche was by far my favourite duty. This is where you could play games with the children, help them with learning activities and also sing to them. This is where my strongest bonds were made - these children were angels, full of love and happiness. Since coming back to Scotland not a day goes by that I do not wonder how they are.

Being a part of KCH will always stand as one of the most beneficial and meaningful experiences of my life. And may I take this opportunity to again thank all the staff and children that I met for making me feel like part of the family. “Asante sana.”

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