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Catriona's Story

Catriona (37) Westminster support, KCH


“Kenya Children’s Home is embodied by the happy, upbeat, positive attitude of the children and staff.”

Catriona volunteered with KCH for three months in 2010, keen to make an impact in less fortunate communities. “I wanted to try to make a difference and to bring fun and games to the children while making new friends.”

Catriona provided valuable administrative support and oversaw the shopping spree donation drive where KCH volunteers encourage shoppers at local supermarkets to contribute food donations to KCH.

She also spent time at the Soila Maasai Girls Rescue Centre at Suswa in the Rift Valley in Kenya. Suswa is a refuge centre launched by KCH for young orphaned or destitute Maasai girls to try and save them from Female Genital Mutilation and early arranged marriage.

“I really treasure my memories from my week with the girls at Suswa. They are just incredible young women and their singing was fantastic. It is challenging, though, coming to terms with the feeling of not being able to do enough while volunteering.”

“Volunteering with KCH changed my outlook in life, it made me appreciate that you really can take nothing for granted. I made the most amazing memories and met the most amazing people.

“I can’t encourage you enough. Do it, its one of the best things I have ever done with my life. It is so hard saying goodbye to such wonderful friends.”


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