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Antony's Story

Antony (20) volunteer- KCH/ Mashimoni/ Suswa/ JGA


"KCH embodies change, it changes people’s lives, people who would otherwise end up at the bottom are given a platform to kickstart their adult lives.”

This concept of taking back control underpins 20 year-old Antony's belief in the work of KCH. Antony has been volunteering regularly with KCH since 2009 helping at KCH projects; Mashimoni Primary School, Suswa and Jonathan Gloag Academy. As a volunteer Antony helped with everyday tasks in the nursery, bakery and the cafe.

A particular strength of the KCH project that our volunteers really see great value lies with the house system structure at KCH where each ‘house’ has a house Mum. “The family orientation where every kid has a mother and an auntie who they come home to and who provide emotional and educational support is a fantastic structure.”

Speaking of KCH’s role in the community, Antony puts great emphasis on the way that KCH facilitates the opportunity to give the orphans of Nairobi the control to better their lives and change their country.

He recalls his 5 week trip in Kenya in 2012. “I grew very close to a young boy in one of the houses. He was fascinated by my career as a pilot and wanted to do the same. He was adopted the week before I left and is still working hard at school to get the grades to get into a training scheme. Volunteering is seen so much as you going to help the less fortunate, what people don’t realise is that these kids have just as much an impact on your life as you do on theirs. His fascination and enthusiasm for my career drove me to work even harder at what I did.”

Antony continues to regard each of his experiences working with KCH projects as underpinning his mentality to how he conducts himself on a daily basis.

“It has been the best thing I have done with my life. It changed the way I interact with people on every level. It will give you life and people skills that no weekend seminar or self-help book ever could.”

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