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September 2019


It’s September!

The year seems to moving so fast. It’s already the ninth month of the year 2019; let’s check on our happenings at Kenya Children’s Homes, Thomas Barnardo House!

September has been one of the most interesting months, with our founder Ann Gloag being amongst us with her family. The children received gift, encouragement and hope as she mingled with them. She also had a meeting with the mums to thank them for the good work they were doing in taking care of the children, encourage them to continue and advised them on other matters concerning the children.

Scott and Tabby’s wedding was one of the occasions that the children really enjoyed. They were so much involved, performing a Scottish dance which was so colourful and a song that was so entertaining to the guests. The children were also present in the christening of baby Jonah, Katy and John Kiruthi’s and Ann Gloag’s great grandson. They had a quiet calm lunch after the christening a time they seemed to enjoyed with the Gloag’s Family.

28th September 2019 was the Day the children born in the month of September held their Birthday. It was organised by Mark and Kyla. They had a cake and received gifts.

It was also the day they had visitors from Precious Blood Girls Riruta High School. The Girls helped clean, played and bonded with the children. They girls were present for lunch and in the afternoon they danced to music had educational and encouraging talks with the children.  The girls prepared snacks and served them to the children as they listened to music. It was days well spend.

The Children are practising for a play, an activity that has been keeping them busy most of the September Month.

We can’t wait to have the play presented on 15th November 2019! That will be on Guardians day! Let’s keep watch!

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