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Jan to May 2019

We are in June 2019!!  It is difficult to believe that we are halfway through the year.  It feels like  the year started on a high note rather than the usual build up, so we had to hit the ground running.  2019 has been a year of many changes, a seeming recognition that we cannot maintain the status quo. We need to find new and better ways to help the children under our care.

The underlying theme this year and reason for change has been Cost Cutting and Implementation. The entire organization has been challenged to think of practical ways to cut costs, yet ensure that we do not harm the children that have been placed under our care. The change begun with a reduction in staffing on positions that had become redundant.

The second big change was the new education policy that took effect at the end of the year. The policy seeks to streamline the benefits and requirements of KCH support with regard to educational matters.  The new policy also set a really high standards for academic achievement, especially for the Soila and Outreach programs. 

Many of our kids have also transitioned for various reasons.  Some good, like graduation and completion of their course of study.  Some of our children returned to their homes since their families were now able to take care of them.  We are following up to ensure that they settle in well.  We also had number of kids find homes with adoptive parents and this makes us happy.  

We lost a number of children during the transition from Primary to Secondary School and Secondary to College since many of them did not meet the academic standards as set out in the new policy.  We also lost a few due to failure to comply with behavioural standards.  However, we have noted an increase in effort in school and an improvement in the health of the kids we support.

As we continue to see what the changes will ensue in the rest of the year here is a summary of the happenings in the first half


Our children returned to school. All those that had remained moved on to the next level of school, moving from one grade and form to the next.  From our BSP program 3 out of our 4 class, 8 children joined high school.  One of them managed to get admission into a National school and she is doing well.

In Soila we rewarded the best family. The ceremony was good and the culmination of 4 months of competition between families, looking at behaviour, neatness and use of resources.  I must admit I was impressed by the reports of the teamwork that was developed.

January saw the move of the nursery to a more cosy location. Maggie, a volunteer from Canada also joined the team and stayed for 3 months.


During the month of love, we received a lot of love from Bata Shoe Company who brought a new pair of shoes for each child Both in Soila and KCH (TBH).  The children were also on their Mid-Term break and enjoyed the opportunity to relax and prepare for the second half of the term.

Maggie’s contribution to the home was fantastic. She brought a lot of variety to the Saturday clubs and this was a learning and enjoyable experience for our kids.

March / April

As we march on through the year, the children marched on to their end of term exams, received a team from Strathallan School that would stay until the 2nd week of April. The children in Soila and TBH enjoyed spending time with the Strathallan team.  It is always fascinating to hear and see the bagpipes being played and the children loved this.

The Jonathan Gloag Academy Prize Giving Day was also in March. Our children were well represented with quite a number of them receiving gifts. The founder was present, and  this always make the occasion special.

March also saw the return of PVH cooking lessons. These are good times and the kids enjoyed making and eating Chicken Curry, Rice, Cookies and Chocolate Cupcakes


After a busy April Holiday the children were rested enough to return to school. The term began well with many of the children embarking on different art projects. One of the most exciting is the tapestry class. The children in class 4 have been working very hard to make mats from yarn.  The designs are amazing and we are looking forward to the finished products.

In Soila the term started in a unique way with a special prayer day to commit the children and their education to God Almighty. This was very encouraging to the girls and they are working hard to improve their grades.  The girls have also picked up a reading culture, by taking time to read story books and novels to improve their language skills and vocabulary.

We are forever grateful for the visitors that take their time to inspire and encourage our children. In May we received visitors from ATR, a France based airline manufacturer. The group came and spoke to the kids about careers in the Aviation industry and then gave us an opportunity to visit Wilson Airport and look at one of their aircrafts.  It was lovely experience and planted hopes in the children that they too could fly one day.

The children are well, growing and glowing. Thanks to your support and that of many others. You truly prove the African proverb to be true: It takes a village to raise a child. We are grateful that you are part of this global village.

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