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June 2019

June in Kenya is usually the beginning of the cold season. All our children have been bundled up in warm clothes as they head to school every morning. We have also had a few days where it rained and we are grateful. Ironically, the sun has made its appearance quite often as well making the cold weather bearable. Especially since the children were on their mid-term break from school.


Mid-Term Break

The kids had a whole week off school this month to allow them to rest and prepare themselves to take on the second half of the term. The children really enjoyed themselves, thanks to Mark, our volunteer who organized clubs times for the kids every morning, and Scott our sport and games Guru who planned and organized various sporting activities that were done in the afternoon. These sports were the highlight of the midterm break. We are also grateful to the Social Work team for facilitating a treasure hunt and Young Life Kenya for a fun-filled Friday afternoon.

Our girls in Soila enjoyed their mid-term break as well. They took this time to rest, and work on different projects. One of these is the school farm. The farm did well last year due to an abundance of rain. This year, however, the rain has not been as consistent and we covet your prayers for more rain so that the project would be successful.


Activity Room!  Library/ Computer room

On the 25th June 2019 we officially opened the newly refurbished activity room. The children are very happy to receive see the new library and computer room.  We owe a huge debt of gratitude to PVH who generously contributed to upgrade from the tin sheet wall to stone and changed the ceiling and put in new lights. They also purchased new furniture and donated 4 laptops for the children to use in the room. We look forward to filling the room with child friendly books with support from donors such as you.  See below pictures of the official opening of the new library.


Visits and Visitors

Our children had the privilege in May to attend the Milimani Children’s Court open day and later on a tour of Wilson Airport. In June we received visitors from South Africa and the United States. The latter are photographers and we were privileged to have breakfast with them and spend the morning playing sports. The visitors, Ryan and the team, are professional photographers and they take sale pictures from all over the world in order to support various charities. Ryan in turn made a commitment to be sponsoring one of our young boys in the orphanage.

Asante Sana!


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