Kenya Children's Homes

The Triplets

Mateu, Naante and Sipilion, triplet girls, were born in the remote Maasai Soree village, in the Kajiado district to the south of Nairobi. They were born on the 15th of January 2006. Sadly their single parent mother died of labour-related complications just three weeks later. The girls were left with their ‘Shosho’ grandmother who was unable to care for them. Our social worker was made aware of their story and he travelled out to meet their grandmother. It was agreed that it would be in the girls’ best interests for them to be taken to KCH and cared for in the nursery.

2The girls came to Kenya Children’s Home in March 2006, aged just 8 weeks. There was low expectation of their survival.

Within just a few weeks it was obvious the positive effects that good nutrition from infant formula milk, plus loving care and attention, had on the triplet babies.

Over the next few years, the girls integrated well into KCH, living alongside their ‘brothers and sisters’ and now they are beautiful girls, full of smiles.  They are attending school and their future looks bright.

The only slight shadow on their lives is that it is highly unlikely that they will be adopted. For a Kenyan family to adopt just one child is a serious commitment and we will not split up the girls. Kenya Children’s Home will support Mateu, Naante and Sipilion throughout their childhood, through 8 years at primary school and then 4 years at secondary school. We will then support them through tertiary education or help them to secure employment. The ethos of KCH is that we help underprivileged children, supporting and guiding them to obtain a safe and healthy living environment, a good education and ultimately successful independent living conditions.