Kenya Children's Homes

Outreach & Butterfly Support Programme

The KCH Outreach Programme was launched in 2007 to support children from impoverished backgrounds all over Kenya, by providing education, food and living expenses, whilst also offering them emotional and spiritual support. The programme offers medical support in many cases.

The children in the Outreach programme are often orphaned or destitute children living with grandparents, aunts and uncles who are struggling to care for them through lack of income but who are ideally suited to care for the children with some support.

After assessment and acceptance to the programme by the KCH social work team, KCH then pays the child’s school fees, expenses for school uniforms and supplies, transport costs and other living expenses in order to provide them with a better quality of life and an education in a family setting.

Since being launched, the Outreach Programme has so far supported over 300 children, thereby lifting them out of poverty and changing their lives dramatically in the process. 

Due to its success and the widely acknowledged benefits of children growing up with family members where possible, in December 2011, KCH started the Butterfly Support Programme as an extension of the Outreach programme by placing 40 children from the orphanage with extended family members, following a rigorous assessment process and in 2023 supported 70 children through our Outreach programme and a further 52 through Butterfly.

The children are delighted to be living with their own family and KCH will continue to support and monitor the children until adulthood.

We envisage the Outreach programme increasing dramatically over the coming years.

Support our Outreach and Butterfly Programme

To sponsor one of the Outreach children for £20 per month please see the Get Involved section of our website.

To sponsor one of the Butterfly children for £35 per month please see the Get Involved section of our website.

"We work with children who need parental care and the children who go through KCH are often successful in life"

Wellington Burimu, Transport