Kenya Children's Homes

Posho Mill

The Posho Mill, situated at KCH, produces high protein porridge from maize, soya beans and ground nuts for the supply of food to the KCH babies and children and for commercial sale to the local market. The programme also distributes porridge to local orphanages and feeding stations. 

This income generating project has been highly successful both in terms of generating funds for the home and reaching out to the disadvantaged communities across Kenya.

We distribute produce from the Posho Mill to the Samburu people and other needy areas.The Samburu areas of Northern Kenya are still recovering from the major drought of 2004 where many people lost their lives due to food shortages caused by low crop yields and dying livestock. Due to lack of rainfall in this area, this is sadly an ongoing problem, meaning that they still rely heavily on outside food donations.

If you would like to purchase any of our Posho Mill products, please contact us.