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September 2018


September Diaries

As the month of September came around, the kids returned to school after a well-deserved three week break and have now began their final term of 2018.  You can catch up on their holiday activities by visiting the August “Catch up with KCH!” 

As the month continued on, the days are becoming increasingly hotter.  The warmer spring days are packed with clear skies, a light breeze and far too much sunburn for our international volunteers.  Officially summer will kick in around Christmas time so make sure you pack your sun cream if you’re considering visiting us soon!


Official closing of Mashimoni Primary School

It is with a very heavy heart we announce the closure of Mashimoni Primary School.  At the end of July, with little warning, the government bulldozed the majority of the school buildings to make way for a new road.  Our school was one of eight to be demolished and 30,000 people lost their homes.  Despite exhaustive efforts by our whole team to find alternative accommodation for Mashimoni, we have been unsuccessful.  Everyone at KCH, the pupils and parents are all devastated by this loss as Mashimoni held a special place in our hearts. All the parents and guardians understand this was a situation beyond our control.  To try and ensure the continued education of Mashimoni’s highest achieving pupils, the top three pupils from classes 3-7 (30 in total) were transferred to Jonathan Gloag Academy and they are thriving.  10 orphaned girls were also transferred to Suswa and have settled in extremely well.  A little silver lining at last!  Our thanks go to all of you who have sponsored and supported children at Mashimoni over the past 12 years.  Your support has helped to educate and develop thousands of children through their early years in what is one of Africa’s largest slums, where access to good education is critical.


Saturday Clubs

Over the past few months we have had many exciting Saturday Clubs.  With help from all volunteers, locally and internationally, we are able to do lots of creative activities with the kids. In September we organised a big painting day.  The children’s faces lit up as they arrived to see the activity room transformed into a mini art studio.  The volunteers drew pictures for the children to colour.  The requests included a castle in the clouds, a unicorn, desert flowers, and our favourite, a dinosaur elephant blowing fire from its trunk!  We thank the volunteers that helped us facilitate the day, but we also must thank the generous donors who provided the craft supplies for the children.  The children left with paint on their hands (and in some cases, everywhere else!) and huge smiles on their faces.



KCH are very fortunate to have volunteers from across the world but this month we had to say goodbye to one of our volunteers, Catherine, who was returning to Scotland to continue with her studies.  Catherine attended the annual Suswa Sports Day, which you can read more about in our latest Newsletter (due out Nov 2018) Catherine commented

“I’ve never seen such fast runners from such young girls! And many of them choose not to wear running shoes because it helps them to grip the ground better, well done!”

This month KCH have also welcomed a number of local volunteers as part of university attachments. A huge thank you to everyone who has given up their time for the children at KCH.


New sports equipment

On the 11th of September there was a donation from PVH which contained brand new sports equipment including 10 new footballs, 20 skipping ropes, 5 frisbees, 4 basketballs, 2 volleyballs and 2 water bottle carriers.  All the kids were very grateful to receive the donation and showed this through their endless energy in afternoon activities.  It was a hard task to pull the children away for their tea but the House Mothers commented that the children slept like logs that night!  


House Mothers training and graduation!

On Friday the 21st of September, 7 of our house mums graduated from their caregivers training course.  They have been studying hard for 2 months to cover the syllabus of caring for children and babies.  They performed a play, songs and danced to celebrate their successful graduation from the course.  Staff, friends and family members were there to share that special moment with them on their big day.  Congratulations to the House Mothers who worked so hard in their training and continue to show their passion for our children 24/7. Asante sana rafikis!

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