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October 2019

The Month of October is here.

It’s almost the end of the year and the festive season just around the corner.  October is the month that the children will be sitting for their end of term exams and closingthe  school for the year to start the holiday season. We are anxious to find out how the children will perform academically. Our hopes are all high for the children to do well in the upcoming exams.

The children had visitors from Zamara insurance company. They came to celebrate with the children the holiday of 10th October 2019.  It was a very colourful event that the children really enjoyed. It had a clown, a bouncing castle and a cake to crown the occasion. It was all fun and games. The bouncing castle was placed in the field for the kids to enjoy.

The clown took care and supported the kids as they played in the field. They tagged rope between boys and girls. It was truly a tag of war and fun to watch cheering on!

Then came the sack race and the children were ready to take it on.  It was on your marks, get set and off they went!

With all the fun and play that had taken place, the children needed something sweet to boost their sugar up! That is where the cake came in.  It looked so yummy!  The Mums helped in serving the cake for everyone to have a piece.

It was a day to remember……..The event ended at 4.30pm. After many thanks to Zamara it was time for the children to head back to their respective houses for the evening.

The children have now closed school. Their performance academically was fairly good, nothing to complain about. They are continuing with their holiday planned activities and also preparing for other events planned on the calendar, the major one being the guardians’ day. They are practicing and preparing a play to present on that day and it looks promising, we can’t wait!

With the guardians’ day almost here and the festive season approaching, we are all looking forward for both and pray to God that He keeps our children well and in good health as we wait for what the coming month has to offer.

Let prepare for the festive season!

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