Kenya Children's Homes

Catch up with KCH

October 2021


School Break

The schools closed on October 1st to 13th. During this period the children were involved in a lot of fun activities, as well as mentorship sessions from the house managers.

Behavioral and Academic Rewarding

We held a ceremony where we gifted the children who had excelled in class, discipline and talents. The awards were for the top 3 in each category.  

Donations from Zamara Insurance 

We were honoured to receive a visit and donations from Zamara Insurance on 5th October. They donated food and clothes. We celebrated together and cut cake.

Bomas of Kenya Visit

The children visited Bomas of Kenya on 8th October. They enjoyed the trip and were able to tour the place and watch traditional dances.

Art Classes- Ngoma Kenya

We are working closely with a team from Ngoma Kenya to offer the children training in art and design. The team has been conducting classes, and so far the children are enjoying them and doing well.

October Babies Birthday

We celebrated the October babies birthday on 31st. The children were happy to turn a year older and share cake and treats together.

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