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May 2018


As the long rains continued, the grounds at KCH are looking greener and more vibrant.  Buds have been waiting patiently until the harsh sun is covered by rain clouds, letting them grow tall and strong.  We may draw lines between these flowers and the children at KCH.  Even though every child has come from a different background, KCH welcomes them with open arms and offers them the care and protection they need to build a strong structure in life.


Science from Down Under!

On May 4th, Kenya Children's Homes and Jonathan Gloag Academy had a very special Friday.  The Australian High Commission teamed up with the Kenya Science Centre to deliver an incredible science show for the older children.  All the experiments were run under the supervision of Dr. Graham Walker, an Australian Scientist and leading Science Communicator.  The show consisted of experiments demonstrating why water does not burn, what kinetic energy is and much, much more!


Mothers day

Mothers day arrived on the 13th May to a brisk and bright Nairobi.  The children handmade cards with personal notes to their House Mothers and Aunties during the previous Saturday Club.  The children enjoyed making the cards and the mothers were touched to receive their surprise!

During this day we remember that Mothers come in many forms, they may be biological, they may not, they may be the auntie who has held our hand through life or the teacher who has guided you through tough times.  This Mother’s Day in Kenya we celebrated the lives of the women who are important to us, the House Mums, Auntie’s, Sponsors and friends who each in their own way guide the children of KCH through life.



This month we were blessed to have many visitors who were interested in KCH.  One group that came were from St. Austins, a local high school in Nairobi.  Their teacher contacted us about their family unit at school and wondered if we were able to expand upon family life at KCH.  We were grateful, not only because of their generous food and clothing donations, but also because of how eager the students were to learn about KCH.  Overall we were happy to teach St Austin students about our children's home and they were happy to go away with new information about growing up at KCH.  We welcome them back anytime!

Click image to enlarge - Photographs by Hannah Ryan