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March 2018

International Day of Happiness

On the 20th of March we celebrated International Day of Happiness.  The programme manager commemorated this day by making a video dedicated to happiness starring the children of KCH.  She asked the children to answer the question - "What makes you happy?" There were some surprising answers including favourite foods, people and activities. The funniest answer was definitely Benson, aged 12, who answered "What makes me happy is cleaning the windows because I get to splash the water!!!"

You can view the whole view via this link

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Prize giving day at Mashimoni

On 20th March 2018, Mashimoni celebrated their 11th prize giving day.  Dr Ann Gloag graced the occasion as the guest of honour.  She was proud of the great performances and congratulated all who made it happen.  However, she challenged the teachers and the parents not to concentrate only on academic excellence but also to see the skills and abilities of children who may succeed outside the classroom.

Mr Mozaya gave a brief speech on the general well-being of the school, noting that the school performed very well in the 2017 KCPE exams.  The school managed to produce two candidates who attained more than four hundred marks out of five hundred.

The children who performed well were rewarded and celebrated.  All in all, it was beautiful day.


Prize giving day at JGA

JGA's prize giving day was full of sunshine as well as eagerness amongst the students who were to receive awards for academic excellence.  We were able to celebrate all aspects of the children's development during the event.  We had art and sport displays in the school prior to the main event at the KCH field.  At the field we were able to see the musical talents as each grade presented a song, poem or dance.  The children who stole the show performed a Scottish Dance, violin solo and “Ghetto Dance”.  These were perfect curtain raisers to the prize giving.

Teacher Esther, shared the success and challenges faced by the school and we are glad that there were more successes than challenges, including an Alumni that developed a tech product that won her international recognition.  Our founder, Dr Ann Gloag spoke as the guest of honour and shared her desire that all the children would embrace an attitude of gratitude, leading us to appreciate what blessings we have rather than focusing on what we do not have.  The event ended with lovely refreshments from the catering department. 



This month we had a return international volunteer who first came to Kenya almost 2 years ago!  We are so happy to have had Stephanie back with us.  Amongst helping the children with homework, weekend activities and fellowship, she also helped out at our on-site bakery, kitchen and at the abandoned baby unit.  Stephanie's advice to people thinking about volunteering is "just do it!!" 

This month KCH also welcomed new local volunteers, some coming to complete uni attachments and others coming to volunteer in their spare time.  Three volunteers who have gone the extra mile this month are Clinton, Stella and Alberito.  These volunteers opted to come in during Saturday to help with Saturday Clubs, as well as volunteering during the week days.  Clubs would not have been the same without these volunteers and the staff and children of KCH give a big thank you to them for their extra hard work.


Strathallan superstars

On the 24th March, the team from Strathallan touched down in Kenya after almost 8 long months of delays. The disruption was caused by the two elections Kenya held last year. Finally, we were able to welcome the newcomers and catch up with the returning staff members.  Strathallan have been volunteering at KCH each year for the past 5 years.  Their busy schedule started each day with high energy activities at our primary school in Mashimoni, Kibera.  Some favourite activities included teaching the children the song - "There Was A Crazy Moose", dancing to Ed Sheeran, making creative craft hats and reading "Oh The Places You'll Go!" by Dr Suess.  After each morning of fun in Kibera they returned to KCH to help around the Home, do homework with the resident children and spend time with our babies at the abandoned baby unit.

The children really enjoyed having the special visitors and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for all their help and support.

We all look forward to seeing Strathallan again soon.

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