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July 2019

July in Kenya means cold in Kenya. It has been cold and a little wet but we are grateful that the children are well a part from the usual coughs colds that come with the weather. The month has been good and we are exceptionally proud of our kids and their performances during the JGA sports days.

The Annual JGA sports days are always a beauty to behold. The level of competition is high, parental participation is impressive and the events are well organized. For us, as members of KCH, our joy comes from seeing our children participate in the different events, give their best and (more often than not) emerge victorious in their individual races. These are usually very proud days for the TBH family

This was also the last month of the second term of the 2019 Academic year. The children spent most of the term preparing for their exams and completing their termly projects. One of the things that I enjoyed watching this month was the children working on their art projects, especially the mats and weaving templates.

One of the things that keeps amazing me is the love that people have for our children. In July we were privileged to have Romy come and stay with us for a month. She is a volunteer that visited the home last year with the team from Strathallan and decided to give part of her summer holiday to serve the children at KCH. She has been helping the kids with homework and Saturday Clubs. She has also been very helpful in the nursery and bakery.

Part of the love shown to our kids was the opportunity to watch the new Lion King movie. We rewarded the academic performers from first term with the chance to watch the movie. The children truly enjoyed the 3D experience and would be happy to get similar opportunities in future.

We have had our fair share of visitors and donors who have made this very cold month feel very warm. Their love, shown through their generosity has truly warmed our hearts and we thank God for them. We pray that they would experience abundance above the sacrifices they have made for the children.


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