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July 2018


This month has been the busiest month for visitors and volunteers for at least a year.  In total we had almost 30 volunteers bringing their unique talents and skills to the Home.  The children were able to balance revision for exams as well as free play time with our visitors.



This month has been a buzzing with international and local volunteers!  Strathallan High School from Perth, Scotland visited Kenya for 2 weeks.  This was a long awaited trip as the 15 students were held back for a year due to complications with the two elections in 2017. The children from KCH, Mashimoni Primary School and Suswa Rescue Centre were excited to engage in sports, craft and fun activities with Strathallan.  From all of us at KCH we say thank you to all the time and effort this team dedicated to our children.

On their final day the staff at KCH had no time to relax as they were already preparing for another group of volunteers, who surprisingly caught the same plane that Strathallan flew away on!  The Fairview group were also volunteering from Scotland.  This talented group consisted of 6 teachers and teachers assistants and 1 ex-teacher at Jonathan Gloag Academy.  These volunteers have worked with special needs children in the past and brought with them valuable skills, never ending passion and most importantly a glowing feeling of positivity that was instantly transferred to every staff member and child at the Home. T he group worked with all the children in the Home, but worked especially hard in our abandoned baby unit.  The nursery was transformed overnight to an adventure playgroup including a baby sofa, a new toy shelf, a chill-out corner and a hand painted play table.  The teachers made such an impression on all the children who were so grateful of their support throughout their stay in Kenya.


Viewing Kibera and Suswa through the eyes of an international volunteer

Three new volunteers were able to visit both Suswa and Mashimoni (Kibera) within their first week in Kenya.  Mark, volunteering from Scotland, recalls these events. "When travelling through Kibera, it was a real eye opener to see the area but no matter the living conditions, it was great to see that people were smiling and socialising with each other just like we do in Scotland.  Once we arrived in Mashimoni, we were bombarded by joyful children who were excited to get involved with new faces.  That same week, we embarked on the long journey to Suswa alongside the Fairview group, and it was worth the early morning alarm!  It was great to see all the Suswa girls waiting at the gate on our arrival.  We took a tour of the school and the home and we were able to see the girls learning in their classrooms.  Once the girls were on their break, we had the chance to interact with them and learn some of their names. It was only a short visit as the school bus had to be back in Nairobi for the Jonathan Gloag Academy school run, but we appreciated the time we had meeting the girls.  Personally, I am looking forward to spending more time with the girls as I continue my volunteering in Kenya."


Click image to enlarge - Photographs by Hannah Ryan