Kenya Children's Homes

Welcome to our Catch Up with KCH

January 2021


In December 2020 staff returned to work in preparation for the new year, and the new normal at the home.  All staff were happy to be back, particularly after such a turbulent year marred with Covid-19.

The year started off with the children from the Home visiting our Suswa Girls Rescue Centre for New Year celebrations. Together with the girls, they bonded and enjoyed themselves with various indoor and outdoor activities like football, singing and dancing.

Schools reopened in Kenya on the 4th January and the children reported back to school as well. They were very excited to be able to go back to school after a 10 month break, following the government directive for all schools to be closed.  Covid-19 brought sudden changes across the world in 2020 and we all had to quickly adjust our sails to effectively manouver through the times.

The children were very happy to reunite with their clasmates and friends at Jonathan Gloag Academy.

Because of Covid-19 safety guidelines and keeping the children safe, we are conducting a weekly church service each Sunday from 10am-12noon within the home. During the service the kids get a chance to do presentations such as Bible verses and singing. We are all grateful that despite not being able to attend church service outside we can all commune and worship together.

Our weekend schedules have remained the same into the new year.  As is the norm, the children participate in general cleaning of their houses in the morning, and playtime in the afternoon. We have had exams in January, and therefore scheduled in time for studying as well.

All house mothers attend weekly meetings to discuss matters pertaining to the children’s welfare too, so as you can see it's busy busy busy at KCH.

Happy New Year to you all and THANK YOU for your support.