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January 2018

During this first month of 2018, we have been reminded of the three objectives that drive our work at Kenya Children’s Homes: Restoring lives, instilling hope and shaping futures.  The New Year season is usually one of hope, restoration and reshaping. People join the gym, others make resolutions, and others are grateful that they have crossed into the New Year and brace themselves for new challenges. It is a good season, apart from many of us feeling the pinch of the Christmas holidays! This month has been full of anticipation of what the year will bring.


School opening

The year 2018 begun on an interesting note with the kids starting school within the first week of the year. Some of our Butterfly and Outreach students started school on the 2nd of January. This made for quite a busy beginning of the year. In addition to the early opening of schools was the transition of several students from Primary to Secondary and high school. Some of the older kids joined colleges and vocational schools as well.


The new House 7

When it came to KCH house matters there was a great transition as we had to make room for a special house for our gifted and needy students from our programmes in Mashimoni and Suswa who have been given an opportunity to study at JGA. This meant that we had to reorganise a few families to be able to cater for that. We have great hopes for these young men and women and we are looking forward to the direction that their lives will take as a result of this opportunity. KCH is indeed shaping futures.



In our nursery, the number of babies has been fluctuating as many cases of abandoned babies have been admitted as well as saying goodbye to the babies that have been adopted. We had 6 new babies in January, 6 lives that have been restored, 6 children that have hope of a better future. This also means that there are 6 families that can be blessed with one of these children. Giving hope to families and restoring the lives of babies through our adoption society.



We are indeed very grateful for the visitors that have graced our compound in January. There is the lovely lady that celebrated her son’s birthday with our December and January babies, The Bata Shoe Company that generously gave shoes to our children, and the highlight of the month- a visit from our founder Dr.  Ann Gloag.  Her visit brought joy to the children and staff of the KCH fraternity. “Mumma Gloag” always comes with goodies for the children and lots of love for the kids. This time we celebrated her visit with a Barbecue for the children and ex-home members.

By Timothy Ongoma and Hannah Ryan

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