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February 2021


The month of February was filled with a lot of fun activities, both for the children at KCH and at Suswa.  Here is a summary of the activities that took place;

December and January birthday celebrations

On Friday 5th of February, the kids had a small birthday party where they shared a variety of snacks and cut a cake to celebrate those born in December and January.

They also shared gifts with the birthday boys and girls, and had a good day celebrating one another.  

Special Meal

A donor by the name Arvind sponsored the kids to an all day meal on Saturday 6th February. In the morning they had tea, French toast and sausage, lunch hour they enjoyed a plate of fries, chicken, coleslaw and watermelon and topped it up with pilau and beef stew for dinner. They really enjoyed it and they said ASANTE SANA.

Managers Trip to Suswa

On 12th of February the managers visited Suswa for the mentorship session with the girls. The girls learnt a lot from their respective mentors. The managers, with candidate mentees, gave each a success card to wish them all the best in their upcoming exams.

Midterm Break

After completing their midterm exams, the kids had a midterm break to reboot their brains and kick off the second part of the term in a more energetic and refreshed spirit.

Jumble Sale

Jumble sale was held on Thursday 11th from 1000hrs to 1200hrs

Britam Health Talk

On the 19th of February, Britam Holdings visited the home for a health talk. Later, the staff received medical checkup .

February Babies Birthday

On Friday 26th the kids celebrated birthdays of those born in February. They enjoyed and were happy to have another party.

Feeding Souls Visit

We received visitation from Feeding Souls on 27th February. They were kind enough to share donations. They shared lunch with the kids, and joined in on games and even cut cake together.  Both the visitors and the kids enjoyed and were happy to have spent time together.

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