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February 2018



It was a cold chilly morning when I woke up in the King’s mood.  I sprung out of my bed with agility of a cobra.  I dashed into the bathroom and in a flash of a second I wore my well ironed uniform and I went to the dining room and had my breakfast.  We went to the reception where we took the bus to the airbase.

When we reached there we were given a red carpet welcome.  After we alighted we were taken to the warehouse where the engines of the aeroplane are checked and repaired.  We were taught the difference between engine of a jet and for an ordinary plane.  We were told that the fuel, which is used by the chopper, looks like kerosene.

After that we were taken to the control tower.  We saw where the pilot goes to report where he/she is going and the aeroplane which he/ she is using.  We saw the radio phones used to communicate to the pilot.  We were even taught about the runway and the apron.  After that we went to the dining hall for the soldiers.  We took our finger-licking tea like real soldiers.

Then we were taught parts of the aeroplane and we were shown where the engines were.  After that we saw the pilot, the co-pilot and the air hostess who were taking us for a flight for about thirty to forty minutes to Nanyuki.  While we were in the plane we saw some physical features like the Aberdare Ranges, the Great Rift Valley and others.

We were not able to see Mount Kenya because there was a huge cloud in front of us so we had to take a turn back to Nairobi.  We went around Nairobi and finally we landed.

We took the bus back home.  Surely, how educational, interesting and fun trip it was!

This story is one of many that tell about the children’s visit to the Moi Air Force Base.  This event was the highlight of the month for thirty of the resident KCH children.  It is a rare privilege for anyone to visit the Air Base let alone to get a flight in one of the military aircrafts.  We are grateful to the Kenyan Government and the Kenya Defence Forces for this wonderful opportunity.  This is one of those long lasting memories as it was the first flight for many of our children.



The children enjoyed a break from school for two days in February.  They spent most of the first day relaxing in the houses and catching up on some chores.  On the Second day,  a Friday,  we had the young life team come in and organize a day filled with fun and games, that ended with a fellowship in the evening.  The children had a great day and were all smiles.  On the same day the children received bicycles donated to them from PVH.  They were thrilled!


The Kenya Bengali Welfare Community

Kenyans of West Bengal descent visited the home again this February. They had previously visited the home last year and shared many donations and spent time talking to the children.  This time their agenda was 'fun'! The community sponsored lunch and wanted to enjoy time serving the children and playing with them.  It was a good end to their mid-term break and a fulfilling experience for the Bengali’s who visited the home.


FOBs Anniversary Lunch

We had the fourth FoBs anniversary lunch on the 24th of February 2018. It was a good opportunity for our supporters to interact with the children for an extended period of time.  The main objective of the lunch was to appreciate those who, through Friends of Barnardos, have given regularly to the home.  The visitors got to visit the houses and then gather in the hall for lunch. During lunch they were given updates on how much was raised in the last year and what the funds were able to do for the children.  We also had fun watching the TBH children's choir, performances by members of Connect, the Mystique band and “Mr Magician”.   February was a great month! 

March has come and with it rain.  We are looking forward to see what springs up this month and what new things will bud and grow.

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