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Catch up with KCH

August 2019

There is a lot to catch up on in August. August is holiday month, this means the kids are home resting,  Butterfly kids come visiting and then preparation for the last term of the 2019 School year.



Our lovely girls in Suswa had their sports day on 2nd August. This doubled up as their closing day for term 2 2019. The Sports day this time involved an extra element. Soila partnered with a neighbouring school to have one sports day.  We are proud to announce that Longonot House from Soila emerged as the winners, managing to outdo their sister in Kenya house and the visiting school. The TBH and JGA staff representatives who managed to attend the event enjoyed themselves and participated in a few races. It was generally a good day.

The ladies then proceeded on to their homes for the holidays and return a week later for a bonding session with their older sisters that had left the school after completing primary school. As part of the bonding time the girls spent time hanging out, catching up and dancing. They got an opportunity to be inspired by a Maasai lady who has just completed her engineering studies outside of the country. She is now an ambassador for the school. She has managed to achieve great things yet still maintain her roots and culture.



Soila Bonding was soon followed by the Full House camp. Here our reintegrated children land in KCH for a week long camp to reconnect  with the home, house mothers, other staff and with each other.  The camp usually encompasses a lot of activities.

The main activities are fellowships, educational talks, a mentors’ session, movies.  This time we had a sports day, which was very competitive and the kids enjoyed.  We also had some time to swim, which is always a camp highlight.

However the crowning event of the camp this time was the Talent show.  In this camp each house had its own distinct culture and they were required to come up with a traditional song/ dance,  a traditional dish and traditional wear, which they presented before the judges.  Of course a KCH talent show is not complete without “Sakata” Kenyan contemporary dance.  I am always amazed at how much heart and enthusiasm they perform their dances. 



Of Birthdays, hangouts, treasure hunts  and relaxing days . The children enjoyed spending time with their mothers and with each other. It also gave them an opportunity to meet and interact with visitors. We had a chance reward them for their academic performance in term 2 as well  celebrate their birthdays. It was a good holiday and they are happy to be back in school to finish their academic year.


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