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August 2018


Spring in Kenya is slowly raising it's head and then we welcome the brighter days and blue skys back to our everyday blessings.  Unfortunately this means the return of the buzzing beast, the mosquito!  Luckily in 2008 Nairobi was declared a malaria free zone, although care must be taken to avoid the irritating bites.  This month we remind all families in Kenya to double check their mosquito nets for holes as we all know that even one mosquito in your net can result in many itchy bites the next day!


Suswa Sports Day

The sun shon down on Suswa as the girls prepared for their annual sports day in early August.  The girls were all full of excitement as the sports day commenced.  The day consisted of running races (100m, 200m, 400m), relays, egg and spoon race, tug of war and a teachers relay and tug of war.  The parents and guardians of the girls were invited along to watch and enjoy the atmosphere of the day.  The overall winners of the sports day were Longonot House and they were thrilled with their medals and trophies.  The international volunteers also had a great day getting involved with helping set up the races and cheering for the girls.  "I've never seen such fast runners from such young girls!  And many of them choose not to wear running shoes because it helps them to grip the ground better, well done!!" -  Catherine, volunteering from Scotland.


Dental check up - Tika

On the 14th of August, the children from the Home went on a trip to a local high school for a dental check up.  It was provided by TIKA, a Turkish government organisation, who brought dental students as well as qualified dentists to check the children's oral health.  Luckily the children from KCH had great teeth and only a small amount needed further assistance.  TIKA also provided games and entertainment for the waiting children.  This was a happy distraction for the children who were feeling nervous about seeing the dentist.  The afternoon ended with a meal provided by TIKA as well as free hats, shirts and toothbrushes for all involved!  We thank TIKA for the fun, food and, most importantly, for providing medical help to our children free of charge.  This organisation have such bigs hearts and we do not take it for granted!


Updating Art in Reception

For many visitors arriving at KCH, the reception desk is the first point of contact.  For people lucky enough to have visited us recently they may have noticed something different about this area.  We have changed the old art work to bright pictures of the children from each house. Their beautiful smiles now radiate our halls and remind us on our difficult days who we are really working for, our children.


Swimming Trip

Mid August may still be carrying the smell of rain and dark clouds on the horizon, but the atmosphere on the bus was full of excitement as the children headed to the local pool with their towels, swimmers and goggles in tow.  This trip was earned by the children in the Home with the best exam results.  The kids throughly enjoyed their time and after a tiring few hours in the pool, had a meal to reward them for working so hard at school.  The children who stayed at the Home, however, did not miss out on a fun afternoon of games and movies.


World Civil Registration Day

On the 10th August, The Nairobi Civil Registration Office, in partnership with Plan International, commemorated the 1st ever Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Day (CRVS) in Africa with our children in the Sosbie Hall.  They created awareness on the importance of Civil Registration and donated assorted items to our children.  They also gave us 7 processed birth certificates for our abandoned babies unit, which can be a difficult process for babies with no prior background knowledge. "Every person has a right to a dignified existence and equal before the law." - Charity Muoadime, Principal Registrar (Nairobi Office)


House Trips and August Camp

This month our children had the chance to visit a place of their own choosing to fill the August holidays.  Their unique visits had the children bustling with energy and excitement to learn about new places.  The children enjoyed swimming at Bellevue, shopping treat at the Hub in Karen, team building activities at Uhuru gardens, a nature walk in the Arboretum, a visit to the National Museum and a trip to the Lunar park.  The holidays also brought the August Camp which consists of the teenagers who are supported by KCH who are studying at school, college/uni or have finished their studies.  Everyone attending camp were able to pick new clothes from our generous donations along with shoes and accessories.  The week involved many different activities including a day trip to Ol Donyo Sabuk, health check ups, crafts, sports day and much much more.  We look forward to seeing our older children again in December.


Click image to enlarge - Photographs by Hannah Ryan