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April 2019


Full house camps were established to give the home an opportunity to catch up and follow up with the children that have been reintegrated from TBH and Soila Maasai Girls Centre however are still supported by KCH. We follow up on their general physical well being as well as their psychosocial development.

The camp was held 11th - 18th April.  The children arrived during different times of the day on Thursday 11th April 2019 and were given an opportunity to select clothes and settle into their houses. The children then had fellowship with the chaplain in the evening.  This was followed by orientation to camp by the social workers to the visiting kids in their respective houses.

At the end of the first day we received 91 children of the expected 116. The orientation gave the kids an idea of the program of the week, the expectations of the home in terms of behaviour and participation, discipline and responsibility.

The program ran smoothly through the week. We did not have any major incidences of misbehaviour during the camp and all the children participated in the scheduled events.  There was great participation during the Sports Day on Friday, where the kids played Football and Basketball against each other. Later they had a chance to play against staff and then watch the staff take on the Strathallan team. The kids had a chance to thank their sponsors on Friday, by writing letters to them.  Fellowship on Friday evening was special since Strathallan were able to join us as they bade the children goodbye, having spent the previous two weeks in Soila and KCH.  The kids also received a word of encouragement from the assistant Chaplain, the CEO and from Mwalimu David- the Team leader of the Strathallan Team.  

The campers went to Ngong Hills for a hike on Saturday. The majority of kids were able to hike to the peak of the 7 hills. The hike was done by 2 pm and the children were able to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and catching up at the base of the hills. The evening was spent in the houses doing Talent Show preparations.

Sunday service was really good as Pastor Mangem delivered the word and a lot of the children were encouraged by the message. Swimming on Sunday afternoon was one of the highlights of the camp. The children enjoyed themselves and they had a good time playing, splashing and bonding.

On Monday, the children underwent medical checks in the hall. All the children got to see a clinician, have their eyes looked at, their teeth checked and an ENT exam. We are grateful that none of the children recorded any major issues. As the checks were going on, the talent show rehearsals were also going on in the houses. Monday was crowned with a Bonfire, nice meal and good music.

Tuesday was our academics emphasis day. The CEO had an opportunity to introduce and explain the new Education Policy to the children. The children who exited as a result of the new policy also had an opportunity to talk with the CEO afterward and ask questions.  While this was going on the rest of the children were involved in a Christmas card competition. The children were tasked to draw their impression of an African versus a European Christmas. This brought out a lot of creativity in the children. The winner will receive a reward in the course of second term or at the next camp. A big thank you to Backhouse Jones who sponsored this activity. 

Academic rewards were done in the afternoon after a motivational speech from Cecilia Okoth.  The talk was very informative and thought provoking.  “Aquaman” was the movie of choice that evening and the children really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, the official last day of camp, saw the kids perform in the Talent Show. House 3 emerged as the overall winners of the day and it was good to enjoy and celebrate the musical, acting, dance and poetic talent. This was followed immediately by a dance party in the hall. The children then had a break to prepare for dinner and the talent show rewards.

The children picked up their school cheques and school supplies and departed for home on Thursday Morning.

All in all the camp was enjoyable and we look forward to seeing the kids again in December. The feedback is generally good and we are happy about it.

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