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April 2018


April brought a seasonal shift to Nairobi, Kenya, with the increase of rainy days and cooler weather.  The adults may be complaining about the change in heavier traffic due to rain or fashion sacrifices that adding a jacket may cause, but the children are thoroughly enjoying the changes the rain brought - in particular the large muddy puddles!



Camps at KCH are the time for our family to get together!  These camps consist of the residential children who live at the Home all year round and the teenagers who are supported by KCH who are studying at school, college/uni or have finished their studies.  The April camp was a great success!  The children and teenagers where lucky enough to visit the Kenyan Parliament.  One teenager commented that "Parliament was very educational" and she hoped that "it would help her in her future studies."  Other activities included medical checks, movie night, mbuzi choma (traditional Kenyan BBQ goat) and, the all time favourite activity, the talent show.

We look forward to seeing everyone together again in August!


Camp Talent

At the end of every camp KCH showcases the extraordinary skills of the children in our talent competition.  Each house performs a range of group and individual talents over the course of the day.

A highlight of this talent day were the group dances and the special talent category.  House 6 won the a modern dance which was choreographed by Paul, who also remixed a combination of Kenyan and dance hall music.  The special talent category was won by Alec in House 1 who hand made and played his very own banjo!  The judges were very impressed.

A special mention must go to House 4 who won the group song.  They performed a traditional tribal song featuring soprano, alto and baritone notes.  Performing in the hall assisted their voices ring out over the silent crowd.  Many gave them a standing ovation! 

The winner of the entire talent show went to House 6, with House 7 narrowly missing out on first place, but celebrated in good spirits as the runners up.  We congratulate each and every person who was brave enough to participate in front of the children, visitors, staff and friends of KCH.


Our new CEO

KCH is delighted to announce a very special change in management.  Collins Owyera has been named as the new CEO of KCH.

Collins, or as the children like to call him 'Daddy Collins', has been a dedicated staff member at KCH for over eleven years.  Prior to his time with us, he lived and studied in Scotland for seven years in the early 2000's.  After meeting his future wife and mother of his two amazing children, Collins returned to his home country of Kenya.

"I felt the need to give back to society strongly based upon my own experience as an orphan and my love of children.  How better could I achieve this than to work amongst the children for Kenya Children's Homes."

Collins began working with the children in our social work department and then took on a role as a House Father in 2007.  From there he continued to work as a House Father and a teacher at Jonathan Gloag Academy.  After ten years of teaching hundreds of students in IT and computer science, he was offered the position of Chief Administrator of KCH in early 2017. Collins’ warmth, experience and dedication to KCH and the children across all of our projects led him to a promotion to Chief Executive Officer early in 2018.  Collins has overall responsibility for all projects falling under the KCH umbrella including the Children’s Home, Jonathan Gloag Academy, Suswa Soila Rescue Centre, Mashimoni Primary School, the Outreach Programme and the Butterfly Support Programme.

Please join us in congratulating Collins on this wonderful achievement.

Click image to enlarge - Photographs by Hannah Ryan