Kenya Children's Homes


Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence


21 October 2022

More than 3000 people gathered in Nairobi on Friday 21st October to celebrate 20 years of the Jonathan Gloag Academy (JGA).

Established in 2002 by Dame Ann Gloag, JGA was founded to provide quality education to the children of Kenya Children’s Home (formerly known as Thomas Barnardo House), with all profits from fee paying pupils being used to support charitable education and welfare projects.

Beginning with 138 pupils in 2002, JGA is now one of Nairobi’s top schools and provides quality education to almost 1100 pupils from a variety of backgrounds. Children from Kenya Children’s Home (KCH) and the Kiberia slum attend alongside fee paying pupils, all learning the importance and impact of social integration on individuals and society.

The 20th anniversary celebration was attended by more than 3000 guests, including guest of honour Sir Brian  Souter, alumni, parents, children, dignitaries and invited guests.

Speaking after the celebration event, Dame Ann Gloag said, "I am immensely proud that my vision to provide quality education for vulnerable and disadvantaged children, alongside fee paying pupils, has been such a success – not just academically but socially for all the children.

“The success of the school has surpassed all my expectations and is a credit to the parents, pupils and staff who have believed in our vision over the last 20 years.

“The educational achievements of the school are amazing but my greatest satisfaction has been the social integration of children from a wide range of backgrounds.  I strongly believe this benefits all the children at JGA and helps them understand that what people have in common is far greater than their differences.

"I also want to pay tribute to the teachers, staff and management teams who have helped make JGA the excellent school it is today.  Some staff have been with us from the very beginning and all those who have joined us over the last 20 years have helped make my vision a reality with their commitment and common desire for excellence.

“After 20 years, we are now seeing the next generation of children starting at JGA, children of our former pupils, which is wonderful to see and a true testament to our success.”

From 2023, a Junior Secondary will be added to the existing primary school classes ensuring that pupils can benefit from their high quality education until the end of Grade 9.

“William Mulema, Head Teacher at Jonathan Gloag Academy, said “The 20th anniversary celebration was a true celebration of JGA and all it stands for.

“JGA strives to develop virtuous individuals who will be the foundation of a good society and, 20 years on, our alumni are a testament to this success.

“The vision of Ann Gloag to create an exceptional school has been realised and we are committed to ensuring its continued success.”

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